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Thursday, December 11, 2008

2009 - A Live Lightly Year...

See that ticker up there? I'm already putting together my plans for 2009. With all that's going on in the economy, in the world, the challenges to the environment, war and destruction? Are you depressed? Even in this season of love and giving, are you fighting to "grin and bear it?"

Well, I'm going to be seeing what on earth I can do to live even more lightly and more positively on the earth than I already do. With luck, there'll be a post or two here along the way (I'm not the best at even weekly posts here, but I'll try!) - and please let me know the things you're doing to make a difference in your own lifestyle, your own economy, your own community. How are you struggling to stay upbeat!?!

As things now stand I'm going to start with a plan to make two large-batch main dish "from scratch" meals each week (on the weekends, as I have no other time during the week). Big pots of soup to take to work for lunches, a casserole/vegetarian meal for dinners during the week. I'll share photos and recipes, too!

(I'll probably start that this weekend, not waiting till 2009 for it! wink)

A big part of my goals for the new year involve reducing my expenses to cut debt as much as possible. (Is there ANYONE without some debt?) And I'll be searching online for the best sites/articles/tips I can find to pass along.

Won't you join me? I suppose we could make it an "-along!" Hmmmm...a "SAVE-along?" - oh that's rich: a SAL!

What are we SAVEing? Our money, our community, our vision for tomorrow, our sanity?

Probably all of the above...

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

10 On Tuesday...Ways to Save Money

I saw this over on Carole's blog and decided to participate here:

So here some of the 10 ways I try to save money:
1. I set the thermostat on 64 when I'm not in the house or when I go to bed. It's at 68 for about 5 hours in the evening. The thermostat is right next to the plant light, so when I turn it OFF or ON, I can easily adjust the temperature. I'm pretty good about not forgetting it...
2. All flourescents...all the time. I changed the bulbs last spring...Love it! And I turn OFF the lights when I'm not in the room.
3. I pack my lunch every day. Sometimes it's soups, sometimes it's leftovers, mostly it's a sandwich, which I make while I make my breakfast in the morning. On Sundays? I put 5 cans of V-8 in the fridge, so I pull that out and 3 of my vegies are taken care of for the day! (yes, I recycle the cans and I use fabric napkins!)
4. I do not take a newspaper - I get my news from TV, NPR, and online.
5. I use the library, I don't buy books (except for knitting books).
6. I use My Coke Rewards and have gotten two free magazine subscriptions as a result of tallying my points from the Diet Coke I drink every day...(yes, I'm an addict, but since I don't have much of any other vice - unless you count fabric and yarn - I think I'm okay).
7. I trip-chain. And I drive as little as possible. My commute is less than 10 minutes and I try to stay right near my home for errands. I moved into town to make that possible.
8. When I wash my clothes, I don't run my tops (or my handknit socks) through the dryer. I hang them up to dry. Saves on the electricity to run the dryer, but it also saves the clothes. A BUNCH.
9. I wash my dishes by hand using two pans - one for soap, one for rinse. The rinse water goes on my plants.
10. I use meat as a condiment (mostly) in my cooking. Tuna casseroles, beef stews, chicken quesidillas, any kind of soup - they all rely heavily on the vegies and noodles and much less on the meat. Since I spent several years as a vegetarian, I don't mind meals without meat. At least once a week? I'm a tomato soup (yes, Campbells! it's a weakness) and grilled cheese sandwich keep the food bill under control! (it's also easy)