Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Signs of Spring

No, not from the CSA yet, but I couldn't resist this, once I saw strawberries in the store...
spinach, feta, walnuts, and a mix of white and red raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and strawberries, with a raspberry vinagrette. I often make this in the winter with mandarin oranges instead of the berries...a great way to do a savory fruit salad...

But here's a sure sign of spring:
It's iced tea time! And making your own iced tea is much more economical than almost anything else you could drink (except for water, of course!).
And this is absolutely the best sign of spring I know. I adore the pink azaleas, the lavender ones, too. Our front yard is full of them right now...this is from beside my front porch.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Because It's All About Caution and Honesty

I found this today, surfing on MSNBC and finding their consumer blog The Red Tape Chronicles

I was aware that the "Free Credit Report" ads advertised "services" that were not actually free. I have a tendency to think everyone knows these things. And I do realize I'm an accountant and am tuned-in to this stuff more than most folks. If you thought the catchy ads were cute (I did!), I just hope you'll be careful. Everyone is watching their pennies these days, and this is one way you probably want to spend your precious funds cautiously and save where you can...still, you do want to watch out for identity theft, and keep a good eye on your personal finances.

So make sure to check your credit report annually, but check it free, really free at Annual Credit Report.com.

Oh. And the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) created this (and another) ad, but they don't have the funds to put them on TV. They're hoping we'll help them out by posting them online. So grab that code and embed away, okay? You can find the other ad on YouTube here It's cute, too.

Frankly? I think these ads are every bit as cute and catchy as those other ads! And these are honest!

Monday, April 06, 2009

No, I'm Not Surprised...

You Are "ctrl"

Some people might try to say that you're too controlling.

And while there is a controlling aspect to your personalty, you like to think you're competent.

You are an expert in many fields. You tend to really know your stuff.

You tend to take the reins whenever it's needed. You like to lead, and people like to follow you.