Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This Time It's The FREEZER!

After last week's double batch of basil - yes, I asked for extra - (and I also made a double batch of pesto and froze it in ice cube trays for single servings!), they only allowed me a single stem of the herb this week in my CSA half-share...So. I froze it the way Martha Stewart says to:
I rolled it into "cigars" and slivered it then immediately put it in the ice cube tray and poured filtered water over it. When the cubes are solid, I'll pop them into a freezer bag, and use a couple of cubes in spaghetti sauce this winter. Yum!

And because I told them I loved Swiss Chard? I got a double batch of it this weekend. So of course, with so much of it, I had no choice but to freeze that, too:
I love the yellow and red stems!
I have two one-pound containers set aside (along with others from earlier in the summer).

I also put two more quart bags of carrots in, and there's another bag of green and yellow beans, but I think I might eat those later in the week.

And two more 'maters. Let me tell you, last week's were fabulous.
But I never even thought, eating them sliced with a touch of salt and freshly ground pepper, that there's something else I love them for:
Tomato sandwiches! So at the Co-op tonight, I found a pre-sliced loaf of my favorite local baker's whole grain bread. We know what my lunches will be this week, right?

(oh, well, I might add in some - not so local - bacon, local lettuce, and mayo)

I won't post next week, as I'll be on vacation and the CSA won't be including me in their distributions. See you in two weeks!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's CSA Time Again!

I have to admit, I'm not sure I'll participate in the CSA next year. I just mostly have to block out two evenings after work every week to take care of all the food! (And this is a 1/2 share, folks!) Obviously, if there were more people in my family than just me, it would not be an issue. Anyway, tonight I blanched and froze about a half-pound of green beans, and the bunch of carrots from last week (I have another bunch to do tomorrow night). I have chard to freeze, and beets to eat. There were no summer squash in this week's share, but I'm craving them, so I picked up two from the local orchard/farm that's brought into my lovely Ukrops store a block from my house. There was also a head of fresh garlic and then this:

So...I have never made it before, but I dragged out the Cuisinart and made:
Yes. Pesto! (I used this recipe).

And mixed it with pasta (half white/half wheat). Nothing but the basil and garlic were local, but still...
(and yes, I like a little pasta with my pesto)

Oh, in the CSA bag were these, too!
While they look pretty good, they are not quite ripe, so will sit under my plant light for a day or two (I do not have windowsills that get sunshine...hence I do not do well growing vegies in my own space)...
This is what my Yellow Pear tomatoes look like. I don't think it's a good sign...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Two Words - GREEN BEANS!

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I give you:

There was a lot more in my CSA share this week (more carrots, cukes - oh dear - swiss chard, beet greens with mini beets attached). But...my dinner last night was very simple: a baked potato and green beans. Like most of my vegetables, I make them simply - steam till tender and add a touch of butter, salt and freshly grated pepper.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

I'm Back! More Local Food!

And I have lots of photos to make up for being absent last week!

The CSA bag this week was full! And while I'm missing the squash and zuccini (I'm assured it will be in next weeks bag...), we had a lot of stuff this week that made me smile:
I am not a cucumber fan, have never been. They do NOT like me, no matter how I doctor them, but I can occasionally eat one or two slices this way. Soaked in red wine vinegar with a heavy sprinkle of fresh black pepper. The longer they sit, the better, from both a taste and a digestive perspective! There were two cukes in the bag, but this is the smaller of the two. I will have to find a happy home for the other.

Then, I was so happy to see these:
Cut into "pennies" steamed and then dressed with a melted butter, grated ginger and honey glaze? Oh my - what heaven! (yes, they're good raw, too...see below.)

Also there were two small heads of:
I'm unsure of the variety, but this lettuce surely tastes buttery...I've enjoyed it in salads:
and in my sandwiches all week.

So there you have it! I'll see you next week! Oh...and if you get the chance? Buy local food!