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Monday, October 08, 2018

Making Changes to My Space

Nana Sadie's Place has been, mostly, here, and to a small amount of space, in my home. It was primarily the sewing studio, which remains pretty much intact and one day, I'll get it straightened up enough to take more recent photos of it.

But more recently, I've been working on shifting things to the upstairs of my home, into my bedroom. Since the shoulder replacement, the bed and I have parted company. That left a huge open space that could be better used as craft room space. So that's what I've been doing. How about a little taste of it? Via video?

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Crochet? Really?

So who knew that someone who goes by the moniker of "Knitnana" would succumb to the crochet bug? Heh.

But that I did. And have made two "giant" granny squares (18" square or thereabouts) for two of my three furry feline friends. I have one more planned. These are "Blankets of Jo" in honor of Jo McLaughlin mother of Ming, Tao, Fu, Wilbey, and Morpheus. She passed away a few weeks ago, suddenly. We all were torn apart with the shock of it, and some of us decided to try to emulate her "Blankets of Fu" magical bits of yarn and Fu fur that every kitty who received one instantly adored.

As I've always known, working yarn into some creation is helpful in dealing with grief, and so, out came yarn and a crochet hook. And these are the results:

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Once Upon A Time...

Most of us were caught in the so-called "Sandwich Generation" and some of us still are. That meant we were taking care of, usually, teenage kids and also aging parents at the same time. The squeeze in the middle was us. And it usually meant that we short-changed ourselves on our own care, especially if we were also working adults. What was left to cut but our own time? And yet, being called on to aid everyone else and forgetting or putting ourselves last usually took it's toll.

Somehow, I thought I'd left that behind. My mom died 22 years ago this month. My daughter is just beginning her 40s (and her own turn in the Sandwich Generation, I suppose). But there was a surprise for me, and one I'm really very honored to have sprung on me. When my brother-in-law died last fall after a long battle with cancer, it suddenly fell to me to be the one to help my older sister with her own health issues through the struggles of widowhood and all that entails. She lives several hours away from me, so that means a weekend every month or so on her home turf. She will be moving here, but in the interim must divest herself of 40-ish years of lifelong accumulations as well as the home they loved. She has picked out her new place here, which is exciting, too!

Last night, as she wrangled with yet another pitfall of widowhood (it's always about the paperwork, doncha know?), I said, "Well, this is a learning experience." And she replied, "Like I'll ever need it again."

I agreed that I hoped she wouldn't. But reminded her that it's entirely possible that I might - not the widowhood part, I'd have to marry first and that's not in the cards (no matter what my tarot says!) - but knowing what the differing agencies/retirement plans/IRS rules say will help this elder accountant in the future as I come in contact with folks in need. I work for a disability organization after all, and who knows who might need some kernel of information I gather along my own life path?

She worried last night that she was keeping me up and I was tired having fought a bad tummy bug over the weekend. I was tired. But as I reminded myself and her there's nothing I'd rather do than help her, so I made the effort to take a few minutes with the tarot, incense, and candles, lighting my own path of meditation and introspection before heading off to dreamland. After all, slowing down like that helps me drift off to sleep that much easier!

So I'll close up here with a photo of the sweet traveler's notebook I'm using to track everything she and I are doing for her. She loves her flowers, so this was the perfect book to use for my beloved "Big Sis."

Monday, July 31, 2017


Life can sometimes offer up surprises, sometimes not happy ones, but then others can be full of delight! Saturday provided a couple of the latter, with a routine trip across town to my client's to drop off the updated bookkeeping file. Suddenly, a portion of road I travel often was the site of a roadside "sale." I put quotes around this because once I'd turned around and pulled up in front, I learned it was a GIVE-AWAY!

Nana was able to pick up for free a bedside table with drawer and shelf beneath that was the perfect size to hold my new serger. The drawer became home to the bits and bobs of equipment that help to keep the serger in good running condition, and the shelf will hold cones of thread. It was in excellent condition with only surface blemishes that could be sanded out easily enough (tho' I'll probably leave it all alone).

But even better, because it wasn't anything I'd been looking for, was this:

I've always wanted a goddess for the front door, specifically Hecate, guardian of entrances...The little black long-haired kitty seems to approve.

And while the addition of things to my life doesn't quite meet with my "simplicity" for the year? They're filling a spot in my life. The serger needed it's own dedicated space, and I couldn't have paid for one better that had everything this one did. The statue is something I've often fantasized about having in my life, but could never afford, so it wasn't even on a wishlist. I truly believe that this might even have been hand-cast, and since I'm in an artist enclave of sorts where I live, I'm not totally surprised to find it on the side of the road. But I'm absolutely delighted that it entered my life on the basis in which it did.

I'm hoping I can dedicate a bit of myself out here once again and maybe let the blog come back to life. Knitnana, I fear, has posted her last, as I can't see myself posting without The Meezer to assist. The boys are rambunctious and definitely not the sort to grace that space, but here, freewheeling will abound. We'll be Tonk, and Moji (Sock kitty), Nana, and sewing, knitting, papercrafting, space making, thought-provoking...right here, periodically.

Do drop by now and again, won't you?

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

2017 One-Word: Simplify

So it is that I've finally gotten around to writing up the One-Word I'll be using to remind me of the changes I'd like to make this year. Since I started the One-Word journey, I've considered every year whether to choose "Simplify" or "Simple." I've always moved away from it to something else: Ahimsa (non-harming, specifically towards myself), Joy, Santosa (contentment or "enough"), and finally, Change & Sparkle.

But after the year that 2016 turned out to be, and the nasty political race that was completely pervasive to everything we did, I decided the only choice was "Simplify."

It's a huge component of voluntary simplicity, which, if you've known me long, you know is a philosophy (and movement) I've struggled with - one that is intrinsically part of my mindset, but clashes with how I live my daily life. Getting clear on that is really important, I think, now that I'm entering my 6th decade of life.

So I keep coming back to this quote from Marion Nestle (which used to be up in the header to this blog, but because of the changes I was forced to make, has been "disappeared" and I can't figure out how to put it up there any longer - ah, Blogger, you have always made me nuts).

"Get organized. Eat less. Eat better. Move more. Get political." Marion Nestle

(That last one, I've got down pat.*wink*)

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A Busy Year for Knitting

The first thing I'd like to admit is that without anything other than work to compromise my available time, I managed to knit a lot this year. Then, I'll own up to the fact that, while there are a few LONG-on the needles pieces here, if it hadn't been for my Crafty Albatross group (pay $5 to get in, $5 every time you MISS a deadline for finishing a project) I probably would still have those long on the needles projects still ON the needles! I managed to complete all 5 projects by the deadline, but failed to win the kitty. That's okay, there's always 2017! Yes, we're doing it again...

I had some incentives other than money, too. In the summer our neighbor to the west, West Virginia experienced incredible flooding which caused many many people to lose everything they had. In conjunction with the Charity Knitting group on Ravelry, a good many hats were sent their way so they wouldn't be cold this winter. Also, a local Palliative Care Center was in need of shawls for their patients: I knit two, and have two more waiting for when Christmas knitting/gift knitting is finally finished. I also have a friend battling cancer, so there was another shawl...

Gifts were a big incentive this year, too. My Big Sis informed me in September that she had no more socks without holes. Why she waited till then, I've no idea, but that meant socks for her birthday in October (and that was a push!) - which meant that sis-in-law would have to have something handknit for Christmas, and on it goes...And of course, it was the biennial year for making the grandkids hats for Christmas. So there was a lot of knitting for gifting.

I went to Alexandria by train in February to take a class with Franklin Habit on color, and that meant I needed mitts and a cowl to match.

Anyway, there are other things down below, mostly socks and a couple of mitts.

I made six hats for the victims of West Virginia flooding:

Three shawls for the local palliative care center and a friend undergoing chemotherapy:

Two shawls for me!

Three pairs of mitts:

A cowl (which matches the first set of mitts above)

A project that's been on the needles since 2008!

A weaving project using the Zoom Loom:

All in all, it was a very busy year for knitting (weaving). Will I weave anymore? Stay tuned!!