Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A Busy Year for Knitting

The first thing I'd like to admit is that without anything other than work to compromise my available time, I managed to knit a lot this year. Then, I'll own up to the fact that, while there are a few LONG-on the needles pieces here, if it hadn't been for my Crafty Albatross group (pay $5 to get in, $5 every time you MISS a deadline for finishing a project) I probably would still have those long on the needles projects still ON the needles! I managed to complete all 5 projects by the deadline, but failed to win the kitty. That's okay, there's always 2017! Yes, we're doing it again...

I had some incentives other than money, too. In the summer our neighbor to the west, West Virginia experienced incredible flooding which caused many many people to lose everything they had. In conjunction with the Charity Knitting group on Ravelry, a good many hats were sent their way so they wouldn't be cold this winter. Also, a local Palliative Care Center was in need of shawls for their patients: I knit two, and have two more waiting for when Christmas knitting/gift knitting is finally finished. I also have a friend battling cancer, so there was another shawl...

Gifts were a big incentive this year, too. My Big Sis informed me in September that she had no more socks without holes. Why she waited till then, I've no idea, but that meant socks for her birthday in October (and that was a push!) - which meant that sis-in-law would have to have something handknit for Christmas, and on it goes...And of course, it was the biennial year for making the grandkids hats for Christmas. So there was a lot of knitting for gifting.

I went to Alexandria by train in February to take a class with Franklin Habit on color, and that meant I needed mitts and a cowl to match.

Anyway, there are other things down below, mostly socks and a couple of mitts.

I made six hats for the victims of West Virginia flooding:

Three shawls for the local palliative care center and a friend undergoing chemotherapy:

Two shawls for me!

Three pairs of mitts:

A cowl (which matches the first set of mitts above)

A project that's been on the needles since 2008!

A weaving project using the Zoom Loom:

All in all, it was a very busy year for knitting (weaving). Will I weave anymore? Stay tuned!!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

It's Been Awhile!

But I'm still here, and the biggest news is: I've changed to a completely plant-based diet!

You should start to see a few recipes I've tried very soon. And detail on the why and how come this long-time part-vegetarian, part pesca-gal has finally jumped ship and eliminated all the animal products from her diet that she can think of...(oh, well, I still eat honey, but not a lot of it, because I love the bees and the bees should use their honey if it helps them survive).

I don't really get the notion of honey being a problem, anyway...maybe someone can explain it to me?

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Friday, November 09, 2012

Culling 100 Things

No, I haven't forgotten! I'm doing this much more slowly than I'd wanted to, but my goal is still 100 things gone by Dec. 31, 2012.
I dragged this broken wicker rocker to the curb Wednesday morning, and it went along with my usual trash and recycling. I wasn't sad to see it go. It's been taking up precious basement real estate long enough.
Monday is a holiday for me. My next plan is the linen closet!