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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

New Year New Planner(s)

Over the past several years, I've gone through several types of planners, trying to find one that spoke to me and handled pretty much everything. In 2018, I tried Hobonichi Weeks beginning in April, and finally felt I'd found what they call "planner peace!" So much so that I purchased the 2019 version. And used it ALL YEAR! In September, as soon as the 2020 editions were out, I ordered my planner for this year.

I have two covers, both from Chic Sparrow. One is a scrumptious black (Poseiden) Outlander leather, the other my beloved Aubergine Pemberley. They are pricey, but if you adore lovely leather, Chic Sparrow is the way to go.

Then this year, actually just before the close of 2019, I stopped short in front of the Happy Planner display in Michaels. I was smitten. I am ashamed to admit how many of these planners I've bought for 2020 (I have a small one from a couple of years ago that is undated). But these things can have multiple purposes, and I have to admit, I didn't want my budget/finance planner information in my Weeks that I carry to work. I'd rather not have that visible in a staff meeting.

I love the fact that you can pick up notes in these neat planners, that with the punch you can make your own notebooks. So yes, I bought the punch. What I love the most about the Happy Planner idea is the disc system. I'm no true fan of any "notebook" - be it ringed, spiral, or bound. But I love that the pages in the HP easily pop out and slip back in!

Let's face it, the Hobonichi Weeks will ALWAYS be my work planner (are we supposed to let ourselves use "always," when we're not supposed to say "never?") but I'm hoping the disc system will organize the part of my life I always let slide. And I'll tell you if the past couple of weeks are anything to go by? The answer just might be yes. I remember days in high school, sitting at the kitchen table doing homework, bent over my work. Well, this has been exactly what HP has brought back to me. Evenings of research, tracking things in my notebook.

And something new: playing with stickers! Oh my, what is it about those things? I think I'm sunk.

So now the Happy Planner Notes comes to work with me along with my Weeks. They both sit on my desk, though the Notes stays off to one side. I mainly use it at lunch, writing down conversations I've had (trying to decide whether to drop cable internet and go with a hotspot or leave well enough alone), taking notes on articles I read online. Yes, the Weeks has a notes section that is quite large since I order a Mega every time. But these aren't work notes, they're personal.

What has brought you planner peace? Do you keep track of your life digitally? (I still do this, too) Or are you analog all the way?

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