Thursday, February 02, 2006

Yarn Talks

Well, I started this discussion with myself and those of you who read this relatively unknown blog a few weeks ago, and I see my idol has continued her (much funnier) discussion of a similar topic. Only she talks TO her stash, tells it to stay in its (limited) place! Mine talks to ME and tells me what IT wants to be. I don’t usually talk to mine as if it were a teenager, but then, I wasn’t very good at getting my (former) teenager to listen to me either.

Stephanie is so funny. Her stash is so much nicer (in quality, the darn stuff sounds as if it’s blackmailing her, and that’s NOT nice!) than mine. Hmmm…think that might be a goal for me? To make my entries funny and to have a nicer stash?

Philosophically it doesn’t really mix with my “less is more” voluntary simplicity thing, now does it? Although, if I remember my involvement with Positive Futures what you choose to involve yourself in (i.e. knitting and sewing for me) and spend your money on is fine. You just have to be aware of where your yarn (or your coffee, or your clothing) is coming from and who is involved in the process…(what workers are exploited, what resources wasted, and such).

Oh well…much more amusing to read Stephanie’s account of her conversations with her stash…

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