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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Just the Beginning!

Here is just the start of the balcony garden I spoke about yesterday...there are two Tami-G hybrid grape tomatoes, 3 sweet basils, a rosemary, and 2 little common geraniums in hot pink (yes, I usually do red, but I loved these, and I think with a couple of white ones or then a red or two mixed in they'll make a lovely pot!). I'll plant the salad seeds today, and some radishes...whatever else I can think of that will survive the dipping of temperatures we're to get tomorrow...

Then also today I'm off to the Salem Farmer's Market - I realized that the traffic and parking issues on Roanoke's Farmer's Market with today being the Strawberry Festival and Chili Cook-off, would just be more wasted fuel (not to mention a headache!). At our present $2.63 a gallon I'll try to conserve that as well on this Eat Local Challenge. I also learned that the strawberries for the festival came from California - what part of LOCAL does that not fit??? lolol. Strawberries will be ripe around here soon, so, I'll keep my eyes open and go for a "pick your own" day with my dear SIL! And in the meantime, I'll work on making room in my little freezer for the spoils of that excursion...

(I promise more photos as they arrive)


Birdsong said...

I am excited about your balcony garden, and wrote about you and Stacie in my ELC post today to remind everyone that REAL PEOPLE can do this! Hugs, and hopes that you had lots of fun today (and sorry to hear about the non-local strawberries, what's the point of a festival if it isn't in support of your town's efforts?!)

Lisa the Waitress said...

I used to live in Virginia and always loved going to the garlic festival in the Fall (I think it's in October); even though the Eat Local challenge will be over by then, you should still go so I can read about it and have a vicarious experience. Here's a link:

Ruinwen said...

One of the favorite memories that I have of my apartment is the balcony garden I had. I applaud that you are making one. It will be so nice to reach out and get something healthy and fresh.

I love all the festivals that center around food, but like you said at one time that was the only time of year people could get that item. "In season" actually used to mean something.

It's great you are doing something that you enjoy and creates good health...kinda like knitting... :)