Sunday, June 25, 2006

Garden Post - End of June 2006

Thought you might like to see the current status of the garden, at least in are a couple of hot peppers. Well there really are 2 but I think you can only see one in the photo.
And here, one of the Grape Tomato plants. I think all four of the plants have little green fruits now. This is a red one, there's another red, and two yellow.
And here you can see what our weekend has been like. Just before this hit, the winds knocked out power, briefly (long enough to knock me offline!) and right after I took this photo, the heavens opened up in a deluge. Fortunately, there wasn't any lightening in this storm. That happened earlier in the weekend and cost me a night of sewing - I don't turn on a Bernina in a thunderstorm!

But the upside of that was that I got in some knitting on my sock that I didn't think I'd get to. My knitting takes a backseat the week or two before a major show as I try (always too hard) to stock up on every imaginable item in intriguing fabrics that Nana Sadie Rose makes. So if I get even a few minutes of knitting in, I feel blessed. Maybe I should hope for more thunderstorms? Um...I think one's brewing right now!

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