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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Bags, Bags, Bags...

All these months since I started this little business of mine, I've been collecting fabrics. Now of course, I collect all kinds of fabrics...florals, vintage and retro reproductions, dogs, birds, kiddie prints, ethnic prints. But hands down, my favorite fabrics are cat prints. (No surprise, right?) How about a little photo of my stash?
(And no, that's not all of it...just what I can squeeze into this photo! lolol!)

So this couple of months of preparation for the National Capital Cat Show in Chantilly, VA has been a chance to finally make up LOTS of the bags I've just been dreaming about. Fabrics that are out of print (lots of those!), new cat fabrics, those that are realistic, those that are novelty...

I've had a blast. And I've realized that the majority of the fun of this business comes at the end - when the bag is finished and I can see it complete. All the time spent envisioning just what those fabrics and button will look like put together comes together in a crowning moment of "AHA!"

And I LOVE that feeling. I can't EVER completely visualize what the bag will be like. I think it's going to be - fill in the blank - "fun," "stunning," "beautiful," "funky," "cute," "amazing!" But I'm never sure till I have it all together. And it's ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS a surprise!

So this has been a lot of work to prepare for - and I'm not done yet - but it's been one of the most creative and prolific artistic periods of my life! An opportunity for which I'll always be grateful. I really hope I get to see some of you there...


Ruinwen said...

That's what I love about your bags...all the love and details you put into them. You can tell when someone really enjoys the product that they make and it makes that product all the more desirable.


ChromoFiberologist said...

fabric is just as addictive as yarn. I dont sew very much or very well and I have a whole room of it in my basment! Eyeyeyeye I probably cant use it all before I am 80 lol lol