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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Teabird's Aspirational MEME

An aspirational meme
(picked up from Melanie and I thought it fit nicely on this blog...)

What part of the past would you bring back if you possibly could?
My mother. I would spend the years I lived with her as an adult and as her friend once again and forever. I miss her dearly. We did everything together and had so much fun!

What character trait would you alter if you could?
My chatterbox syndrome...I can talk you to death. I can talk the walls to death. I think best aloud, so I run off at the mouth constantly. Don't get behind me in the grocery will be amazed!

Which skill would you like to have the time and energy to really work on?
Organization, of my work/living space.

Are you money poor, love poor, time poor, or freedom poor?
Energy poor, I'll ditto Melanie, and add in money poor, which will cause a draught of energy. Because the funding issues are a challenge, I am also time poor, because I have so many money-earning projects going it's hard to find time for quiet relaxation, which also contributes to being energy poor.

What element of your partner's character would you alter if you could?
MFMPPF is inclined to put everyone else in his life ahead of himself. While I value his sense of loyalty and desire to support those he loves, I'd like to see him value his own feelings enough to come first on his own list.

What three things are you going to do next year that you've been meaning to do for ages but never got around to? Organize my closets to accommodate stash yarn and fabrics as well as my clothes! Knit a gossamer lace scarf/shawl. Two new products for Nana Sadie Rose ('s a secret!)

If your fairy godmother gave you three wishes, what would you wish for?
Health, a secure retirement, MFMPPF to feel he deserves to be happy (preferably with me in the picture, long-term!).

What one thing would you change about your living conditions?
A home without health risks imposed by other people (like downstairs neighbors who smoke!)

How could the quality of your free time be improved?
By having more of it at a longer stretch...

What change have you made to your life recently that you're most proud of?
I still count "recently" to include 3 years ago when I quit smoking. Oh, and that Nana Sadie Rose thing...too!

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Cindi said...

Hi, Nana. I found you through Groggy Froggy. I was also at the Northside Craft show. I wish I could have come by and seen your booth. I hear you had wonderful stuff.

teabird17 said...

I second "organization" (and so would my husband!!)

Loved your answers!