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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Yes, It's Fall!

But you know, the weather just hasn't cooperated around here...we've still been enduring temperatures in the 80s, the leaves are mostly dropping, not so much changing colors. There are pumpkins and chrysanthemums (even on my porch!), but when it's so warm, they don't last very long...

I worry about how warm it's been, the fact that our water levels are down 10 inches or more, and then I think about what we're doing to our earth. My three grandsons are back in town and it just makes me think about the world we're leaving their generation.

I'm trying to conserve: water, energy. I recycle as much as I can...I try very hard to keep my own carbon footprint as small as possible.

I'm enviously listening to my BIL go on about his Prius and the amazing mileage he gets...and wishing I dared try to get one. Would I really be able to stash all my craft show gear into one? Or could I justify renting an SUV just for weekend shows?

Then I begin to remember that originally when I started this business, I didn't want to do shows, I wanted to just make bags and sell them online. This business of mine has morphed into something I didn't plan. The shows, the orders. I'm certainly not complaining, but when I think about how I envisioned it before it blossomed, well, this is very different! :)

And then I think, would I want to give up the shows? Meeting my customers, talking with them, seeing them over and over at other shows? I've made friends over the past 3 years. Not just customers! Friends! No. I do enjoy our shows!

Odd how one thought leads to another. Is this a "long thought?" I remember reading Alix Kates Shulman, Drinking The Rain, and her stumbling upon an essay of P.D. Ouspensky who wrote "Think long thoughts. Each of our thoughts is too short. Until you have experience from your own observation of the difference between long and short thoughts, this idea will mean nothing to you."

I'm unsure of just what a long thought might be. A chain of thoughts, one leading to another I understand. I think that's just what I've done above. But does a long thought actually mean teasing out the nuances of a single thought? Or is it thought-chaining?

Fall is my favorite time of year for this type of intellectual discussion inside myself - tho' now I seem to be inviting you in to listen. Don't feel you have to participate, but if you'd like to, please do.


Ruinwen said...

I love Fall...but I'm not sure what this is as my temps say 80 degrees at 9:04 am. The trees know to turn by the angle of tilt in the axis of the Earth...but the weather seems very confused.

I try to do all I can too save our beautiful planet. It is like a good relationship it takes time and effort but the rewards are great. :)

kat said...

i love fall too & missed it living in san francisco as it was more like our summer. moving to minneapolis this year i thought yeah i'll get a real fall but its done nothing but rain since we got here...oh well they needed it & are no longer in a drought which is a good thing!

KnitYoga said...

I think a long thought could mean both teasing out the nuances of a short thought AND thought chaining. I think it just means examining your thoughts properly rather than just having superficial thoughts which lead to more and different superficial thoughts. I think I have very long thoughts when I'm knitting or beading, etc, i.e. using the right hemisphere of my brain, as my mind wanders without restraint of time, obligations, etc. Long thoughts, I imagine, can lead a person to be at their most creative. On the other hand, my opinion may be a lot of rubbish but that's my thoughts on it, anyway! Now I'll have to go away and think on it a bit longer! LOL