Friday, November 23, 2007

Buy Nothing Day

Today is Buy Nothing Day, a day near and dear to most advocates of a simpler existence. I've posted about my thoughts on Knitnana, but I just added a link to an book search on the subject of voluntary simplicity. You'll find it in my sidebar here, at the end of all those "Commitments" I've listed.

I am feeling more and more, that following the principles of Voluntary Simplicity is a fulfilling way to live. I tend (like most folks) to slip up on my path now and again (I'm completely addicted to collecting - yarn, fabric, books).

I've reduced my afflictions somewhat over the years. Now, in the checkout lines, when I see magazines I'd love to get (yes, I had a serious addiction to magazines!), I allow myself to pick one up and flip through it. I've seen so many by this point in my life, I can usually say, "Been here, done this." And I put it down. On the off chance that there really IS something new, I promise to go to the library and check it out there.

Which frankly, I seldom get to do - books are rarely a problem anymore, either - I moved one time too many! (Those boxes are heavy!) I do borrow books from the library rather than buy them now.

The only exception to my "no books or magazines" rule now, are those relating to knitting. And the magazines don't jump in my cart unless the patterns between their covers aren't trendy.

I constantly re-evaluate my level of "enough." It helps to have determined how many hours of my life I have to work to buy something. Your Money or Your Life helped me figure this part out. It's not what you think your hourly payrate is. *wink*

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