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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Getting Serious About Those Goals...

The New Year has gotten off to a rocky start, courtesy of one nasty sinus infection. I'm still making my way back from the almost 2 weeks of misery...but there is finally a kernel of hope! :)

Months and months ago, my good friend and fellow knitter, Pam and I were talking about CSAs...I'm only one person (with pets who don't eat vegies and fruits) and she's a family of three (hoping for 4 - please keep her in your thoughts and prayers, as she is a terrific mom!). We'd thought that between us, we could easily split a 1/2 share...with of course, me doing a lot of freezing and even perhaps some canning. Stop laughing. I used to do this all the time. I also used to have a fairly large garden (or the "tomato forest" as my DD used to call it!).

Well, Pam and I are finally discussing this at the RIGHT time of year (I hope!). She'll be calling tomorrow in hopes of securing us a spot on the list.

And once that's done? I'll be scouring Freecycle for canning jars! *wink*

In that spirit, I decided that part of my commitment to this has to be to "use it up" (as well as "put it by"). I've had some vegies in the crisper and on the "porch" - what else would you call a paneled-in staircase down to an unheated basement with shelves built-in at the top? So today, I started a beef stew/soup on the back of the stove...

Using up all the potatoes, carrots, and celery from Christmas dinner - did you know how long you can keep celery good if you wrap it in aluminum foil, and then wrap it again? (yes, two distinct wrappings of foil) and keep it in the crisper? Well, this celery was as crisp as the day I bought it - Christmas Eve! Tastes good, too! (I can't claim credit for this tip - it's a Martha Stewart recommendation - and it WORKS!

I'll plan to grow some herbs on the front steps this summer, but otherwise, the extent of my gardening is going to be restricted to this sort of plant -

I guess it's my "New Year's Cactus?" It can't make up it's mind what it is...Thanksgiving? Halloween? Christmas? Nah. This year, it's on a LATE schedule instead of early.

I'll post more ideas about my plans and goals as I go here...Let me know what you think, okay?


Debbie said...

Love the red Christmas Cactus. I have a white one and it can't make up it's mind either. Bloomed at Thanksgiving this year, sometimes Easter or whenever. Once in a while it makes Christmas.

Liked the tip about celery. When I buy some for some meal, the leftover celery always goes limp. Will try the foil trick.


shopgirl said...

Excellent information! Thank you for that.

kat said...

Stew always a good use for those leftover vegies