Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cool Clear Water...

Long time no post...but if you're looking for philosophy today, it's probably not this one...

The other day I made one of my (far too infrequent, as I let this stuff pile up) trips to the recycling center that isn't far from my house. As I was tossing stuff into the correct railroad cars, carefully making sure what went where, I realized how many of the gallon-sized plastic water bottles I was pitching in. (sigh)

When I moved in to this new place about a year ago, I tried to install my Pur filter on the faucet. I tried valiantly. A friend tried, a plumber even tried (griping all the way, of course, since Pur filters are mostly plastic and plumbers do NOT like plastic!). I finally gave up, and decided that I would go back to bottled water (I absolutely cannot stand the taste of tap water anywhere in this community! And I drink a lot of water...)

But during Christmas shopping I'd noticed one of these:

I didn't pick it up then, I waited.

Last week, I was in the store again, picking up necessities, and suddenly LOOKED at my list...There amongst the toothpaste and coffee filters, was "Pur Pitcher."

"Well, don't you think you'd better?" I asked myself. After all, I'd pitched all those plastic bottles into the train car...shaking my head and being disgusted that I couldn't use the faucet-mount style anymore...

Hmmm...I don't know how much more economical it will be - it says to change the filter every 2 months. That's about the cost of the bottled water for one person like me.

But I surely hope it will help the landfill.

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