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Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend...

Out came the red-white-and-blue front door decor. Out came the white jeans, red t-shirts with navy sequins, white sandals, red toes...up went the hair in a pony-tail...up with the temperatures into the 80s, on came the A/C.

And...the best part of it all? These. FRESH!


That's what summer means to me - fresh fruit & veggies. (I've posted some photos of my kitchen collection over on Knitnana so you can see that my life isn't just about the REAL fruit & veggies...I'm also all about collecting the collectibles! Those are shots of my kitchen, doncha know.)

I've done pretty well with my goals for this month. I could do better, of course. I'll try to come up with a few more for June.

I know what one will be: to continue to remind myself to UNplug unnecessary appliances when they're not needed - anything with a clock inside - the VCR (when not in use), the microwave, keeping the coffee pot, the toaster oven, even the computer - if I unplug them? That keeps the electrical current off (which saves pennies, but that adds up over time, you know?).

I've been doing it pretty well, but I could improve. I just remembered to reset the timer light to a later "ON" time since the time has changed and it's so much lighter later now.

And I added gas treatment to my tank - I've already seen an improvement in needing to stop at the pump - again, every little bit helps!


Jane said...

The strawberries look yummy - red all the way through instead of those tasteless ones with white interiors that show up here this time of year.

Ruinwen said...

So, so yummy. I'm with Jane...we don't have real strawberries yet. I can't wait to make berry compote...right now I'll live vicariously through yours. :)