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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Garden Update (A Day Late!)

The Big Boys have flowers on them!!!
Amazing...they've only been potted a short while and were kinda sad looking when I got them, nowhere near looking like the healthy specimens you see below:

And the squash have what I believe are the beginnings of buds on you have to have HONEYbees to pollenate - or will ANY bee do? I saw a black bee (not a bumblebee-type, more a wasp-type today...

I was at my sis-in-law's this morning and oh my...! Her squash plants are LOADED with blossoms! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that her plants survive (no signs of beetles yet...)

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Birdsong said...

Butterflies and moths actually pollinate some plants, so I am suspecting that the bees you saw will work just fine. My tomatoes are in a similar state, and I was thrilled to eat a few sugar peas the other day.