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Friday, July 18, 2008

Garden Update Mid-July

An update that is long in coming - I can't believe that the tomatoes are finally starting to turn:
Just what is eating the leaves of this patio tomato? At least it's finally turning pink!

And here's the yellow pear tomato plant - which hasn't done nearly as well in the "bushing out" category, but is finally showing signs I might get to eat some of these!
Last? The jalapeno. I'm hoping to let these turn a little red before I pick them, as I like hot peppers...

Sadly, there is still no evidence of squash. I'm bereft.

But Monday night? As I got out of the car I looked up the street (it was about 5:30 p.m. folks, certainly not the normal "feeding time" I'd have thought) to see a deer walking up the middle of the city street.

I hope it finds more interesting stuff to feed on than my little potted garden on my front stoop.

1 comment:

Plain Jane said...

Those lacy leaves could be Japanese beetle damage. Take a look at Anne's blog - they're after her garden and they really messed up my peace rose.