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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I'm sure that looks like a small crop. It is. But when you figure that it's from 2 plants...and that they're potted? Perhaps it doesn't seem so small...?

I should also report that I'm doing amazingly well with my commitment not to purchase unnecessary things. I'm even holding off on some of the necessities - actually if my local store doesn't restock on my plant light, I have some indoor plants that are going to bite the I MUST get that soon!

Hope your garden is growing well!


Ariel said...

Your tomatoes are gorgeous. Isn't it so much fun to grow your own. :-)

Ruinwen said...

I'm so happy you have such beautiful tomatoes! A garden is such a blessing! I bet they will taste delicious! :)

kat said...

don't you love it. i have a hard time not just eating those little tomatoes right off the vine