Saturday, January 30, 2010

Working on My Goals...

May I just say how glad I am this first month of the year is practically over? It's my roughest month (at work and client's) and I hope to do a better job posting here for the rest of the year.

I mentioned early on that I wanted to stick to menu planning and shopping lists, didn't I? I did just great the first 3 weeks of the month, and then stress hit the fan! This week? I went to the grocery store three times in three days, no list, and debit card in hand. I still haven't totaled the damage, but at least the last time I only barely strayed from the mini-list in my head. We were being warned of high snowfall (Yup, at least 10 inches so far today) and I knew I was in need of milk and yogurt. So that trip was the most sane of the bunch.

But yesterday, I discovered this post over on Cheap Healthy Good, and decided it was time to rededicate myself to my lofty ideals...!

It's the perfect day for staying in and doing putzy-ing type projects: So early on, after snow shoveling (the first time), I sat down and pulled out a leftover 3-ring binder from grad-school days, and proceeded to insert the various articles and recipes I've been accumulating.

(yes, there's a special section for Weight Watcher-friendly recipes)

Once that was done, I stumbled into the kitchen: oh my, can you ever tell that the past two weeks have been insane in this room! I need a couple of weeks of snow to get everything back in shape, I think! *wink*

Still, I scrounged in the cabinets. I found three boxes of couscous - one that says it needs to be used now! - and pulled out my lovely slow cooker. There's been a bag of frozen boneless chicken breasts in the freezer for too long, and I got that out, too, and defrosted them. I tossed them into the cooker with two bullion cubes (chicken), 1 cup of water, a splash of merlot (leftover for a bit, but it's fine for cooking), a tablespoon of dried rosemary, 5 cloves of garlic, minced, and a small onion, also minced. I have the pot set on high for 4 hours, but since I'm going to be here, I'll watch it. I might not need that much, or I might need more...either way, it's all good.

In the interim, I've piled stuff into the dishwasher (yes, there's just too much for me to stand at the sink today and wash, I will make sure it's fully loaded, I promise).

Tonight, I'm going to look at the stuff in the cabinets and freezer a bit closer. I'll be making up menus to match what I've got (and believe me, there's a lot here!). And then filling in my list with what I might not have (broccoli?) and starting out again. I'll probably also get brave and total up my grocery spending for the month. February will take a hit from any amounts I went over my budget in January, I promise.

And I can celebrate. My weight is down 23 pounds on Weight Watchers. I'm happy to be doing well, hoping that it continues. Hmm..maybe I should go shovel a bit more? It's 1 activity point for every 30 minutes!
Stay Warm!

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Ruinwen said...

Your crock sounds delish and healthy too! You should celebrate all the good for you choices you have made for you and the planet. :)