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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Saturday morning, I happened into the living room in time to watch a cooking segment on the CBS Saturday The Early Show. This young hunk was cooking, and it sounded as if he might be cooking semi-healthy stuff, so I sat down to watch.

He was the author of this book. (Okay, I'm apparently very behind the times, but I really don't watch prime time television - he's a celebrity chef? he's been on Dancing With the Stars? (yes, I do know there's a show by that name, but I haven't watched it! shhhh)

I was so impressed with the fact that the entire premise of the book was recipes for comfort foods that had been redesigned to be less than 350 calories, that I RAN to the computer and searched online for it. I had a holiday gift card at Barnes and Noble, and the order was placed forthwith.

It arrived today. And I made the sweet potato fries on page 195. One serving is 1 WW point.
Because I was exhausted tonight, I also just tossed a black bean burger in the microwave and combined it with a sandwich thin for a bun (3 points), then heated up some frozen kale from last fall's CSA share (1 point with the olive oil and red wine vinegar).

This book is choc full of many recipes I want to make...1 point brownies and chocolate chip cookies, 4 point mac and cheese, a 7 point turkey Reuben!!

I may have just fallen in love with a man 1/2 my age.

(I suspect Rocco Dispirito's not interested in anything more than my spreading the word about his book, huh? But you seriously want to check this one out - it's worth it!)


Ruinwen said...

LOL!!! Sounds like a great book! Those fries look yummy BTW! :)

twinsetellen said...

This is one reason why falling for a man half your age could be a good idea. ;-)

Geraldine said...

I happened to see a segment of : The Doctor's that this chef was on. I was intrigued by the brownies he brought to the show. None of the drs. said they were tasty and the beans included in the ingredient list sounded rather strange but who knows! He seemed a bit pompous I thought but I agree, easy on the eyes.

Wow, that weight ticker just keeps on going. Congrats again!!!