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Monday, August 30, 2010

It's Meatless Monday!

The next few Mondays my meals will be much the same for me...simple, fast to prepare, and full of the bounty that's at the Farmers Market right now:
I'm spending long hours at the sewing machine, creating stock, so pick-up food is the order of the day.

So here again, my new favorite tomato - the Heirloom Purple Cherokee - on two slices of locally baked rosemary sourdough with a touch of mayo (I'm sorry for you purists, but it's the fat-free jarred mayo; thankfully, I like that) and salt and cracked pepper. Along side you can see a block of my favorite cheese ever: Vermont Hunter Cheddar. This cheese, at room temperature has a bite that many don't like, but I was raised to consider it the finest there is. While in Vermont last weekend, I picked up a block, but it's been long enough that I forgot that the wax it's encased in needs to be encased in plastic or foil to protect surfaces...sure enough my carryon/knitting bag has black wax inside it.
I will work on that. But this meal is simplicity personified.

And wow. Was it ever good.

The next couple of weeks I'll be slammed as I work feverishly to prepare for, and then vend at the National Capital Cat Show. I'll be hosting a booth near the front door, so do come and visit if you're in the Northern Virginia area. We'd love to see you! (One night, will be La Madelienes for dinner, and I make no promises, but often it's reasonably easy to eat Meatless there! I'll try to remember the camera!)

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Ruinwen said...

I love cheeses that have a bit of a bite to them. I think that is why I love goat cheese so much. I'm glad you had a fabulous comfort meal! :)