Monday, April 25, 2011

Another Meatless Monday!

This weekend was the Earth Day celebration in Grandin Village, where I take yoga classes and visit the Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op for neat ready-made dishes at the Happy Belly Deli as well as pick up lovely organic fresh food. While at the Earth Day event, the Grandin Village Farmer's Market was also kicking off the season and I picked up a dozen free-range chicken eggs (he also had duck eggs). I knew that would mean I'd have to eat them fairly regularly till they were gone, so the Meatless Monday meal is an omelet (which frankly is a little crusty because the burner was higher than I usually use and I failed to note that when I was cooking it...still the crusties were also very very good:

The omelet has gruyere cheese in it. Then there's fresh asparagus and a wonderful salad called Alpha Omega from the Happy Belly Deli. It has cranberries in it. I also picked up a Nantucket Cranberry Crumble bar for dessert (ok, more than one dessert because it's pretty pricey calorie-wise!)

I also picked up the season's first fresh Swiss Chard. YUMMY!

I am so glad it's spring and the Farmer's Markets are back!

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