Friday, December 23, 2005

All is Calm?

Well, not quite…but it should be bright soon…

Sunday night, Nana Sadie Rose suffered serious water damage (accidental) from an upstairs neighbor. All fabrics were untouched and quickly removed from the space, as were all pieces of equipment. Everything remaining in the workspace was quickly tarped (my mom taught me to be prepared, so I have lots of plastic in the “emergency kit” - but no, this has never happened before!).

Bless my vet, I was able to move kitties out (on a holiday week!) to boarding, so the maintenance personnel could come in, knock out ceiling and walls, repair, patch, prime and paint. Everyone is coming home tonight (me, too!).

Fortunately this all happened after the last Nana Sadie Rose Christmas order was completed. I try to schedule down-time right after the rush is done…I’m always hopeful I’ll have enough energy to do a good cleaning and re-organizing of the space, as things tend to fall apart and get disorganized in the last weeks before Santa makes his appearance! Now, there will be no way to put this off! I’ve already gotten a good portion of the work done, with everything out of the space…so you know what I’ll be doing during the quieter times of the holiday, right?

Then the first of the year, get ready! There are new fabrics and a new style of bag on the horizon. I’ve been perking away with plans for the Sadie Teacher bag…prototype will be done by mid-January. My sister is planning two “Nana Sadie Rose” home parties in Northern Virginia for the last weekend in February where the Sadie Teacher bag will be unveiled! (Email me if you’d like to attend?)

(Oh, and if you get the opportunity, come see Nana Sadie Rose at the Star City Cat Fanciers Show on January 28-29, 2006 in Roanoke VA at the Clarion Hotel)
Happy Holidays!
(I promise, back to “philosophical” notes after the first of the year!)

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