Monday, January 02, 2006

Welcome New Year!

While 2005 was a truly amazing year for me, I always look forward to beginning anew, to new plans, new goals, new projects! A new year is always exciting to me, even tho’ I do not make resolutions, I make PLANS.

Today, I’m sitting here as I write, with a new coffee mug showing a pile of hysterical kitties called “Caterpillar,” a Christmas gift from my niece who actually asked for help with learning to knit! Do you know what that did to this crafty aunt’s heart? Here is an important plan for me in 2006…to be available to help her learn this craft that has become a lifelong love affair of mine.

Then another treasure of the moment is the delight of laughter - the cat mug for one, and Yarn Harlot’s book, both of which were gifts this year. I’m savoring the book, an essay at a time, laughing till the tears pour down my face. What a gem! And this teaches me I must plan for much laughter in 2006.

My other plans for next year? You’ll see a new bag join those already available on Nana Sadie Rose, designed especially for teachers. There will also be a special offer on Heart-themed bags during Heart Month with a portion of the retail price going to WomenHeart. Then a new concept here at Nana Sadie Rose, the private party (similar to those home parties we enjoyed so much a few years ago) which is the brainstorm of my sister (one of my best customers!).

Of course, I’ll be at the Star City Cat Fancy Shows in January and July as well…and probably a few others during the year, so keep checking the website calendar, and stop by if you can. I’d love to meet you in person! And don’t forget, you can order your own custom made Nana Sadie Rose bag here, too.

So those are just some of my plans…But as to knitting? Shawls and Lace. Socks! I’ve only just learned to “knit while holding a porcupine,” and now it’s time to learn to knit socks. Whether that becomes a fascination of mine is yet to be determined, but I certainly adore the yarn, which is a first major step in becoming a compulsion!

Will I break down and move to cobweb weight yarn to knit a lace shawl? Or stop at lace weight? I haven’t decided. “You must do the thing you think you cannot do,” Eleanor Roosevelt said, and I try very hard to remember that when fear creeps in…Am I afraid of cobweb weight yarn? - umm, yes. And teensy needles, too.

There are other plans, too. To nurture and grow a relationship from years past, newly reborn. To nurture two grandsons and a daughter. To be a source of strength and support to family and friends (emulating a generation of women friends and family who came before me and have been such special role models). To continue my “day job” with as much devotion as the lady boss who leads us (blessings upon her, she is a treasure, and a good friend, too!). To continue to develop my personal spirituality of which craft is such an enormous part. To try to live in healthy balance of activity and repose. And to continue to write, here and on Knitnana about the various aspects of my knitting and crafting life.

My wish for everyone in 2006? That we may all learn to listen and understand each other, to work hard to develop patience, and to strive to live in peace with our neighbors on this earth. Agitation incites stress, so may I suggest that you pick up sticks and string and join us in counting stitches? Stress will fall away, the cares of the day will, too. And the work of your hands will warm you and whomever you pass your product on to. Happy New Year!

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