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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Lace for an Elegant Evening of Music

  Here, finally, is my beautiful Queen of Hearts lace shawl, she of the broken, yet mended hearts. I was ready to leave for a wonderful concert at the National Symphony Orchestra with Midori as soloist for the evening. A delightful evening, filled with the fun of new, young friends, and those of us older, my sisters, my self, my BIL. Exquisite peasant food at the Kennedy Center for dinner, fine wine, laughter, then wondrous music. And the most comforting thing, was pulling Queen of Hearts around my shoulders and feeling elegant! Posted by Picasa


Ruinwen said...


You look beautiful! The shawl is so striking against the white! Just gorgeous!

Hope you had a lovely time!


Emily said...

that is such a beautiful shawl!

Katie said...

Beautiful shawl!! Sounds like a great time. =)

Celtic Knitter said...

You look very elegant! What a great job you did on that. Wearing a new piece and seeing Midori play . . . sounds like a great evening to me!