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Friday, June 09, 2006

Balcony Garden Photos!'s been a couple of weeks, and things are beginning to look better in some respects...and worse in others! These are the yellow "grape" tomatoes and the basil (only 2 survived) with the parsley - and hanging above one poblano pepper.
Over here are the two red grape tomatoes, the catnip, the lemon balm, the anaheim pepper, a cilantro and I think there's a piece of the chives there, too.'ll see that there are now geraniums in the planter? Well, I was amazed to see the worst case of green worms that devoured my radishes down to the stems - in a little over a day! They ate a lot...and left me not a one. {sob}


cathych said...

love you blog, stop by & visit mine. I also love your pics of veggies, I have little green tomatoes everywhere, & am using diatomaceous earth this year against those awful tomato hornworms.

JenBin said...

Beautiful garden!