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Saturday, June 03, 2006

It's a Sunny Saturday...67 Degrees, So Why Am I a Grinch?

I think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. It's a lovely day. I have great music on the CD player. I have the day off. But right now, I feel as if it could be raining and 40 degrees, cold and damp. I'm aching, my hands are spasming into claws. Not a good day for this Lupie Gal.

Doesn't make a lot of sense when the mood doesn't lift for the basic good things, because the basic bad things are overwhelming...but counting my blessings usually helps so here goes:

I have a wonderful job, two home-based businesses I love, good friends, close family, kitties and grandsons who adore me. I have a stash of yarn and needles and patterns to make whatever I'd like, a roof over my head and food in the larder...appropriate medical care. Most of all, a man I love who loves me. Great, good blessings, all.

Okay. I'm working on it. Maybe the day will get better (I've already broken a glass cooking pot b/c my "claws" wouldn't hold it)...there is much kitty fur to vacuum, simple cleaning to get done, then bags to finish, a show to prepare for.

When there is a sense of foreboding in my life without cause, when I'm hurting too much to do basic things, this photo, given me by a co-worker, one we lost almost two years ago to cancer and is deeply missed by all of us, reminds me that there is courage to be found in looking up. In trusting in a power higher than where I am. In letting that power take the reins for a change. In letting go...

Thank you, Gordy, I miss your kind, softspoken wisdom. I miss you.


Jane said...

I hope your day improves and you feel better. Love & {{HUGS}}

Ruinwen said...

Some days we just feel "blah". Sorry that day is today for you!

Know there are people who care about you and that this foreboding feeling will pass!

Hope today is better for you!


Shelob said...

Hi hon,

Sorry you had such a down day. Want a giggle? Know what those doggies are doing?

That's the "cat test" at Seeing Eye. The dogs are supposed to glance at the cat and ignore it -- so all those watching the cat intently will bet lower grades. Hard Duty, but part of the job!

[giggle] I can just see my mangy mutts charging after the cat and returning with a triumphant strut to wag at the "smarties" and say " Showed you up, slow pokes!"

I'll drop you a line later!