Saturday, June 03, 2006

Updated Sunny Saturday...

Ok...things do improve - and once again, it's craft that makes the world of difference in my world! Jog on over to KnitNana and you'll see what I did today...3 new Nana Sadie Rose bags in three sizes.

What makes the difference? Well, in my mind, it's centering my thoughts and breath and efforts on something outside myself, something creative: seeing colors combine, feeling textures, watching patterns coordinate. Even a bag that I've made many times, the Kitty City bag, constantly amazes me that just a tweaking of different interior fabrics makes an entirely different look.

So thank goodness, tonight is better! Yes, I still hurt, and there were times that the struggle to work in tight spaces makes me wonder why I do it (the little Pretty Pooches is a challenge when my hands are bothering...). But then I finish the bag. And that's ALL the answer I need! How cute! What a darling item for a little girl (and this one IS for a little girl).

What a difference a few hours can make!

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Ruinwen said...

Glad you are feeling better! :)

I find creating something always gets my mind off of whatever is bothering me and unto my project. Birthing and idea into existence always seems to make me feel better.

I am happy you beat the blahs!