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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Quality of Life Part III...

Remember the Eat Local Challenge? In my constant striving towards a high quality of life, today I went to the little balcony garden and found...these!
I was just out there yesterday and only one or two were turning. But we're heading into a week of 90-100 degree temperatures with high humidity - in short - tomato weather! These little globes of sunshine are just the beginning of a nice little crop. These are Sungold grape tomatoes. I also have red ones, just beginning to turn...they'll be ready in a day or two.

THIS is quality of life...there is nothing that tastes better than home grown tomatoes!


Jane said...

My grape tomatoes are still green and probably 2 to 3 weeks from turning, but here in Michigan I had to wait to put them in until after frost danger was passed. I'm going to have a ton of them though!! (Providing that the deer don't come back - this is suburbia and I've seen a doe and a fawn walk across my back yard!)

Sock Hook'r said...

I am so jealous of your almost ripe tomatoes!! my plant is blooming enmorously and my grape tomatoes are now the size of golf balls..but yet everything is still green.
OHHH how I love homegrown tomatoes. YUM YUM!!
But until then I walk past them and smell the plant itself. they smell so good ;)

Shelob said...

YUMMMMM! Looks gorgeous! I managed to kill my purple flowers -- not sure what happened -- but my impatience is still flowering, and the white flowing plant is also good. Nothing like your garden, but you did inspire me to try something again!