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Sunday, October 01, 2006

It's Always Serendipity!

Knitnana has been really busy and posted a bunch today, so (I know this sounds as if I have a split personality! lololol!!) I decided it was time to update here...

You know, when I find a fabric that I think will work, I'm usually pretty amazed at the end result of a bag, even when I thought "this will be cool" at the first sighting...

But it's ALWAYS serendipitous when SOMEONE ELSE brings me the fabric (especially when it's one I'm uncertain about...have seen before and dismissed for one reason or another) and it turns out beyond my wildest expectations.

Such is the case with this bag. I believe this is a Daisy Kingdom fabric (and I'm not wild about the quality of their fabrics - they're ok, just not what I prefer). My big sis bought it and sent it to me. She thought it was neat (mainly because she has a couple of her own kitties represented on the cloth! lolol). I was distressed. I knew the print was entirely too big for a Mera bag. I told her so. She still wanted a bag...we discussed. Then she came to visit. She brought her wireless laptop, a host of connection devices, her digital camera and all of IT's cables, etc.

I said, "You know what you need to carry all of this, don't you? A Sadie bag..." "Oh, I don't need that large of a bag..." yada yada...

"I could use your cat fabric" - this I knew was the tease.

"OH. Well, okay."

So here it is. Amazing, huh? I am over the moon with the results. Which just goes to show you, while Nana Sadie Rose has a great eye, she's not alone in this talent!

(I was able to find some interesting stuff for the insides, too!) Let me know if you have an idea for a bag of your own, okay?

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Jane said...

It's beautiful! I see why your sister latched onto the fabric.