Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Eve's Eve...

On Knitnana I was sharing my foot-dragging about decorating for the holidays the other day. I did finally succumb and put up a very little tree and a wreath on the door.

But until I visited my sister-in-law over the weekend, I'd completely forgotten this little tree, which I love.

For years, I wanted a little tabletop ceramic tree. I never wanted to take a ceramics class to get one, however. A couple of years ago, DD discovered this one at a flea market and gave it to me for Christmas. Unlike most of the trees I see with little "lights" on them, this tree has little birds that the light shines through. I adore it.

So it, and the gifts for my big sister's family, adorn my dining room. I guess I'm having more Christmas this year than I'd planned.

Today is my eldest grandson's birthday. This is the first year I've not been able to be with him to celebrate - they've moved too many miles away...and it's so hard to have a birthday right before Christmas.

His dad calls him "Tater." This is a much younger photo of him...

Dearest little Tater...Happy Birthday! I miss you so much! I hope you had the best birthday of your life! Your Nana loves you.

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