Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Plans...

My plans are really pretty simple. From simplicity. Voluntary simplicity (heard that one here before?).

My personal "enough" has been ignored over the past several months. I know that stress does that to me. And 2006, while wonderful in many ways, was stressful.

So Enough. Here we go. New Plans, New Goals.

1. Aim for health - and all the "resolutions" that go with that: eating better, exercising more, destressing more.
2. Moving for health - and in this, I don't mean exercise - Literally a new, healthy environment without smoke. And weeding out "stuff" in the process!
3. Buy less, save more. And, um, yes, that means destash the yarn. (Fabrics do not qualify, as they are not stash, they are business inventory.) I have some of the most gorgeous yarn...and I'm a slow knitter. If I couldn't buy more yarn for 2 years, I'd still have enough to use up...(lolol!) But I don't include sock yarn. That's exempt. (A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do...)

In all things, it will be quality over quantity. Holding fast to my personal definition of "enough."

If not now, when?
I think I deserve it.

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