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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Is it? Love? Infatuation? or...

a serious emotional disorder?

No. No male could begin to get me thinking this way. No male has the "power" to make my heart go "pitty-pat" these days...not like this, anyway!

It's Ravelry!

I'm obsessed with finding all the neat things it offers, adding in my projects, linking to KALS I run (or co-run), photographing my stash, uploading my library, finding my friends and making new ones.

This is another example of the addiction that knitting and the internet communities concerned with this craft is for me. I am possessed by Ravelry. Amazed at the creators ability to envision what this could become...

I really really hope, tho' that this time the bloom won't come off THIS rose!

(make sure you sign up, okay? It took about 2 months for me to get in, don't let another day go by before you knock on the Ravelry door!)

1 comment:

Ruinwen said...

It's crack for fibre people...I can't get enough... :)