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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Put a Little Soy in Your Life?

Ok...this was last night's dinner. Looks good, huh?

Please don't ask for the recipe...I did a number on the seasonings - and it wasn't as good as it looks...which made me very very sad.

The vegies, tofu (omg, when did they start selling PRE-cubed tofu? Whee!), and brown rice were fine.

But it was extremely bland...(sigh)

Maybe I'll follow a recipe next time. LOL


Ruinwen said...

Sorry it didn't turn out like you wanted. Maybe buying a spice book that suggests what to use with different veggies would help? I am an herbal freak when it comes to stuff. You never know what will turn up in my kitchen. :)

Shelob said...

Garlic! That is always my solution to bland food! LOL, seriously though, a bit of garlic, or a bit of ginger, maybe nutmeg, which is GREAT on things other than eggnog!, keep stirring!