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Sunday, November 04, 2007

One of Those Days...

I've had one of those days where things don't want to go smoothly, and if it can happen it will - the rotten things - family misunderstandings, kitty squabbles, a broken camera, a sensitivity to the change of seasons that leads to physical discomfort and general tiredness, having to do things at least 3 times to get them right...If I didn't know better, I'd say there was a time change in there somewhere (ooops! Wait, there was!)

I did get something accomplished, which is always a huge thing in Nana Sadie Rose-dom:

I sometimes get asked about the claim that every Nana Sadie Rose bag is an original and I thought I'd show you an example of that. The bags above (ignore, if you can, the middle one) on the right and left of the photo, are the same exterior fabric. (It's a batik that is almost completely gone...out of print, sadly.) But you'll notice that the bags don't look anything alike. I'm careful in my creations, making sure that there is variation in every bag, so no two are the same, yet so many people love the same exterior fabrics, that I can't just make ONE of each! (Another case in point is Michelle Meow - the pink fabric with the Siamese cat in Paris - an outstanding print that almost everyone loves!)

I decided to get a little creative in the kitchen tonight, too. Below is a photo of the results...I'll get it right before long!
A Roasted Sweet Potato & Apple dish, first I sprayed the pan with olive oil spray, then I chopped up the main ingredients, tossed on a handful of chopped walnuts, sprinkled on the Pumpkin Pie spice and grated fresh ginger over the top. Then a touch of sugar, a couple of dots of margarine and about 1/4 cup of water...spray again with the olive oil spray...

I baked it in the toaster/convection oven for about an hour (at first, uncovered, then I put the "broiler" pan that came with the T.O. upside down over it to protect it). (The instructions say NOT to use aluminum foil! So I haven't found a good alternative yet)

I'll play around with it again, but I think it's good. It could use a bit more of spices...I know, "sprinkles" doesn't convey how much I used, but "to taste" isn't much better, now, is it? lolol


Ruinwen said...

That is so funny...that is exactly what I planned to make tonight but with polish sausage added in. Sounds yummy! :)

kat said...

yum roasted sweet potatoes & apples sounds dreamy