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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A 2008 Project for Peace

Birdsong and I have been talking recently about wanting to make 2008 our year to knit and work for peace in whatever way we can. So what serendipity that she discovered this:

The TikkunTree Project

and blogged about it. As usual, Birdsong leads me to wondrous things (she and I are convinced we're sisters from different mothers...all across the country from each other - on the two coasts).

Besides the fact that I adore Peace Fleece yarns, I am very committed to the idea of and philosophy behind this project. I'm ordering my yarns, and getting the patterns ready. (Patterns & specifications are available on each link)

I firmly believe that knitting for peace is an effective means of being a change-agent in the world. As is creating art installations that address peace. I seldom speak of my religious leanings or beliefs on my blogs, but the idea of knitting in silence, meditating on peace and speaking out as the spirit moves, harkens back to my Universalist/Quaker/Congregationalist New England family roots. As such, it blends well with my study of Buddhism, and Taoist thought, as well as my feminist/womanist/goddess thealogy.

While I'll still participate in (and co-lead) Cloths for Crisis and Knit Red for Women's Heart Disease, this project will hold the majority of my charity knitting energy for the 2008 year.

If we can't find it in our hearts to live, eat, breathe, and pray PEACE, then we can't be surprised if it fails us. Anger and war, hatred and fear, begin in the hearts of each of us. Won't you join us? Take up your needles to help heal* the world?

* Tikkun is Hebrew for healing


Tikkunknitter said...

Thanks so much for your support of The TikkunTree Project! We share your view that we can use our knitting (or other fiber-crafting) to achieve change in general, and peace in particular. The "Pink Tank" changed me, and so have the Red Sweater Project, Knitnotwar 1,o0o, and Stitch for Senate. You and your friends are most welcome to join us within the shade of the TikkunTree.

Veggies,Crafts and Tails said...

Birdsong sounds like a special friend Sallee, isn't blogland wonderful, I can't believe all the special people Ive 'met' since starting Veggies....

Small steps x by thousands of people can make a huge difference. I am enjoying my charity knitting and know that it will be a priority in 2008. Where do you find the time to do all that you do?? Really, really amazing.

Huggs, G