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Sunday, February 24, 2008


I'm really happy with myself for basically being able to stick with my plans for the new year...for the most part, and as a result of that as well as because I've been feeling crummy for months now and have had a couple of nasty sinus infections in the past two months (that have had me on antibiotics 3 times already this year!)...

About a week and a half ago, I dropped dairy completely from my diet.

Not a stunner for some folks, I'm sure, but for me, it was a drastic change.

Partly, I think, it has been hard because my family roots, while firmly IN the vegetarian camp, have been in the Lacto-Ovo camp.

We drank milk. And.ATE.CHEESE. LOTS of cheese.

Of course, we were mostly a one-cheese family - white cheddar (extra sharp, please) from the only state in the union who really knows cheese (sorry Wisconsin, and NY) - VERMONT!

( a pinch, we ate New York's cheddar)

I have discovered that I'm a lot happier, and feel much better without dairy.

But I do miss my cheese.

OH. Btw. Please don't offer the suggestion of soy? I can't do that. Soy is as bad in my system as dairy apparently was.

Now. I'm not going back to vegetarianism completely at this point. I still like my turkey and my salmon (especially those).

But it's now been almost 2 weeks without dairy and it's safe to say - I'm such a nice person to be around now.
OH. And I discovered on Friday that I can eat Mexican without cheese and it's STILL wonderful! (ok...a little hotter without the balancing properties of the cheese, but I like hot!)
(tippy-tappy-toes dance!)

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Ruinwen said...

That's great you have the will power to do that. Cheese is like air to me. I'm glad it is making you healthy and happier! :)