Saturday, June 20, 2009

Week 3 And I'm Getting Tired of Salads!

I didn't take a photo this week. It was all green. Same old same old.

The only thing new? Scapes. I've still got most of mine (I knew better than to keep them all, I like garlic, but hey there were a lot of them and it's only me!). I'm trying to think what I'll add them to.

What are they? Norma describes them Here and that entry came just before the CSA share arrived with - SCAPES!

I had no idea...

Anyway, this week has been impossible for cooking anything from scratch, but I managed a salad or two and I'm afraid that's pretty boring after the last several weeks. So.

Perhaps something more interesting will be available next week?


Carrie K said...

I had no idea. Maybe that's why our garlic was so boring tasting from the garden?

Salads are delicious. Boring? Are you just using leaves and dressing?

Anonymous said...

We've discovered lots of tasty garlic scape ideas/recipes over the last couple years. They're awesome grilled (coat with a little olive oil so they don't stick), tasty if you fry them up in a little butter then add a splash of balsamic vinegar in the last minute of cooking, and definitely awesome made into garlic scape pesto (throw them in the food processor with some olive oil, salt, pepper, and parmesan cheese - add lemon juice too if you like).

The thing in our CSA share that we can't quite come up with enough uses for is kale. Just can't develop a taste for it, but hopefully trying some new kale recipes this year will help!

FoodieTots said...

I was just going to suggest grilling them but I see another Colleen already covered that! I also like to slice them up and cook them in eggs or stir-fry. I've got a handful in the fridge right now needing to be made into pesto.