Saturday, June 06, 2009

One Local Summer Meal

My CSA has been hard pressed to get into the garden lately with all the rain we've been having...but we've had lots of greens, and this week we got two colors of radishes, green onions, and "weeds" for salad:
I'd been working pretty hard all day and decided an omelet with some of the green onions and local eggs, along with this salad would be my one local meal tonight. Unfortunately? The omelet came out of the pan, onto my plate and was polished off long before I remembered that I needed a photograph! I'm glad I got this one of the salad before I started to make the omelet!

But I did bring out a harvest of catnip from my own crop three years ago (when I had a balcony garden in my last apartment). The kitties were absolutely delighted:

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