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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Still Producing - I'm Thankful for CSA

Unbelieveably, at least to me, the CSA shares continue. This week was a variety, turnips which will find homes elsewhere, as I am NOT a fan, and garlic, sweet potatoes (yummy!), the last of the salad greens, and:
Kale! I was able to fill 2 1-lb freezer tubs with this...The house smells wonderful, but I suspect I might not think that in the morning... *wink*

And butternuts
which will no doubt become soup, tho' I may just cube and freeze it at this point...if I can squeeze much more into my apartment's refrigerator freezer that is!

And then there's this, which to me is incredibly obscene-looking and has the most earthy smell (because, after all, that's dirt hanging on it!)

Ok. What on earth do I do with a celeriac? (I found a soup recipe, but I can't quite imagine what it will taste I going to regret making this?)

Advice is welcome.
And Happy Thanksgiving!


Carrie K said...

I really like celeriac soup but then again, I tend to be somewhat adventurous food wise. Comes from living in the seat of all that's good to eat.....

Bonnie said...

I use celeriac in soup stocks. Just wash it and cut it into chunks, throw in your pot along with your other veggies.

You can also peel and grate it, to use in slaws.