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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wise Environmental Choices....

I've been taking baby steps for some time to make smarter choices environmentally. There are plenty of things I've done with the primary focus being to reduce my electric bill (and while I'm sure it would be higher had I not done these things? It sure doesn't seem to be inching downward much - but so go the rate increases, eh?),

I've mentioned in previous posts that I'm trying to find interesting new places to visit (blogs and websites, mostly) with a focus on wise stewardship, environmental activism, and consumerism, too. So when I find something interesting and new, I like to let you all know...

The Conscious Shopper has been mentioned before. I like her style, I love her posts. She's totally committed to reducing her environmental footprint and helping all of us do the same...and right now? She's having an interesting contest.

Another place I visit often is Fake Plastic Fish. Don't you know, she's having a contest, too?

I can't imagine that I could ever get to the point of using no plastic, but because of her blog, I've rethought many things I do. I've finally started buying milk from our local creamery - in returnable glass bottles! I am using the Co-Op for that purchase, but even our local Kroger carries it. I don't use milk a lot, but it's nice to have this option...and the glass bottles are also a happy childhood memory!

On Fake Plastic Fish today, you'll also find links to this post over at Plastic Manners. An interesting addition to the typical Reduce, Reuse, Recycle mantra, she adds Rethink, Refuse to the three others. Then another addition I like that I've seen elsewhere - like my Ravelry Trash to Treasure group that does so - is Repurpose.

It's all about stopping, not doing the knee jerk reaction of just reaching and buying. Do you need that? If so, is it made from plastic? What will you do with it once it's empty? Can you recycle it? Reuse it? Repurpose it? If not, is there an alternative to the plastic?

With oil spewing into the Gulf, in a castrophic mess that will be with us for years, can we reconsider petroleum-based products completely? What LITTLE thing (or BIG thing?) can each one of us do? I'm planning to take the bus to the Farmer's Market every Saturday for local food, beginning this weekend...See? baby steps.

I know sometimes it feels like one person can't make that much of a difference.

But frankly, I'm coming around more and more to feeling empowered that I can do something at's better than the overwhelming sense of futility that washes over me when I see photos of the coast covered in red slime...

What about you?


Bonnie said...

I also feel troubled--well, that's too mild a word--appalled, usually, by how much plastic we are forced to purchase. There's just way too much packaging! Take a simple bottle of olive oil: it's got a film of plastic around the top (often very hard to get off), then once you take off the lid, there's that extra little plastic part with a tab you have to pull out -it's insane! I try not to buy products that are over-packaged, and I carry lots of canvas bags in my car so that I don't need plastic bags when I shop. But sometimes it seems really futile.

As far as electricity goes, I feel very good about having a minimal impact. I don't have AC, don't have a microwave or a TV, don't leave lights etc. on when I leave a room. My electric bill is the smallest of my utility bills, so I feel I'm doing my part with that.

I do feel every little bit helps, but there are days when it's hard to see that.

Ruinwen said...

Great post!
It is hard not to feel the futility of trying to conserve when you can see others not doing the same. But I will continue to do what I can and stick to my beliefs even if I am trying to beat overwhelming odds. I believe what I do makes a difference.

Lesley Austin said...

I believe, like you, that every little bit thank you for encouraging me with your posts!

And congratulations on keeping your goal weight, I know how hard it is stay focused on doing the best for yourself (and the earth, for that matter).

Are you going to have a link to your listography, or are you keeping it private?