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Friday, June 18, 2010

I Could Not Say This Any Better...

So I'm going to LINK it, instead.

This has been a crazy week, so I haven't posted much, either here or on my knitting blog. Tomorrow is a family yard sale and I'm going to be sending out into the world many things I no longer need to new homes that hopefully can use them. I know I'll be repeating this event in the fall, too. My goal is to rid myself of much that is weighing down my thought processes and my living space.

But I hope I'll have a little time on Sunday to review the post above, and the links embeded there and come up with a compact list of not less than 10 things to begin doing myself. Because we do each need to make a commitment to changing our behavior if we want to see the change we'd like in the world.

If you decide to join in as a result of that post? Let me know, okay? I'll be very interested.
Happy Weekend.

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Ruinwen said...

6 years ago I quit my high-paying job to work 5 minutes from my house. My son is five minutes from my job...I moved my parents here so they too are five minutes away. It takes me over a month to go through a tank of gas.

9 years ago I got rid of toxic cleaners, body products and beauty aids. I just cleaned everything out of the house and threw it all away.

I keep trying to fine-tune our lives as much as I can to support good health and the environment. But there is always so much more to do. I am committed to both our family and the earth and every month as a family and a household we try and make another change that is for the better of mankind.