Friday, July 09, 2010

In The Realm of Far-Fetched Fantasy...

I often dream of this for my retirement.

Of course, these days, the thought of spending the $$ for fuel to travel around the country combined with the limited balances in the IRAs - can anyone afford to retire anymore? - has me cringing in the midst of my daydreams.

(But you know? I've got a bit of a crush on the pink and white one with the vintage kitchen chair in front! Only I'd have nothing but pillows of barkcloth roses and lace inside!)

But there is the fact that these are pint-sized homes and one can park them as much as one can drive them. That little tidbit offers a glimmer of hope that living this way might be an option one day...(and who knows, maybe there'll be some sort of renewal energy source someone creates to work around the combustion engine in order to power them?)

Hmm...I'm thinking the SW (New Mexico) for the winter, and perhaps New Hampshire or Maine in summer? Now to whittle down the yarn and fabric stash to fit inside this tiny wheeled wonder...oh and then teach the cats to walk on a leash!

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