Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Link...and Short Comment

I'm hoping I make up for being gone a bit, and I do hope to be back to regular posting soon. If you're not familiar with the site I'm featuring here, do start with this post Cheap, Heathly, Good, 20 Cheap Healthy Dishes Made From Ten Pantry Staples.

I wish my pantry looked like that! (I love the light, clean, spacious feel of that space!)
Now I'm off to clear out my pantry to send things off to Weight Watchers Lose For Good at my meeting tonight. I'm taking the list from the article above to my grocery store, and stocking up.

Then when I pick up fall veggies at the Farmers Market, I should be all set...

(hmm...better clear out the spice rack, too - some of them are really older than I'd like to admit!)

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