Monday, February 21, 2011

It's Monday, Must Be Meatless!

I have nothing to show you...I've been away all weekend, and I didn't make a bit of what I ate, but I had meatless at every turn...

Friday night, a grilled portobella mushroom sandwich with roasted red peppers and an interesting mustard concoction. Saturday afternoon, Indian Dal Curry and rice at a local stall in a food court in downtown DC. Saturday night, La Madeleine's in Old Town Alexandria where I had their signature Tomato Basil soup and a field greens salad with bread. Sunday night was another Indian restaurant that I'd not been to, and I had a Vegetable Vindaloo that was incredibly spicy - but very very good!

In amongst there, I had one meal with meat, and it was a salad with chicken. The rest of the meals for the weekend (hey, I think that's almost only breakfast left, right?) were yogurt and Kashi.

Ok. Starbucks, too.

It was a good can see where we went and what we did over on my knitting blog.

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