Thursday, March 15, 2012

Project 333

Yes, I'm still around! And I've decided I'm going to do this Project 333 beginning April 1 (No, not April Fool's Day - the first day of April!)

I think the hardest part for me will be deciding what I want to bring with me on this journey. I'm making two decisions right off:

1. My Handknits & my daughter's handcrafted jewelry are exempt.
2. My shoes are exempt: I have problem feet, so the fact that I have many shoes in two brands that I can wear year-round (including sandals and boots) is non-negotiable. The day might come that I ditch a few, but I'm not holding my breath. They're expensive shoes, because they are my "medicine" of sorts.

That said, I hope to spend a little bit of time here this coming weekend to work thru the closet in advance of April 1. I love the explanation here about How to Make Space.

And I'm not aiming for an unpleasant experience. When I lost the ton of weight I was carrying around (2 years ago), I decided the closet would be kept in a minimal way, that I wouldn't load it down with too much stuff, and I'd only buy what I loved. can imagine how that turned out, can't you? Not so much. I know I bought things that were, well, convenient. And since I tend to be a uniform dresser, when I found something that worked, I bought every color.

So I hope this will help me return to my original intention about clothing. We'll see!

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