Tuesday, May 12, 2009

CSA! It's Begun!

This week, since it's been so rainy, I understand that it's been difficult to get into the garden (I do remember those days!), so volume is down.

You see above one large head of green leaf lettuce, two small heads of red Oak leaf lettuce, a bag of "mixed greens" or what I recognize as mesclun mix, shallots, two of the four radishes (sorry, I ate two in my salad tonight!). What you don't see is the small "mess" of spinach that I blanched and froze. My system won't tolerate this many greens this quickly. I figured I'd appreciate the frozen spinach in the winter, just fine...

And I understand that bok choy is coming next week - I found a great recipe for stir-fried baby bok choy here and I think it sounds yummy...

So tonight? I had a huge salad (I already had some grape tomatoes to add to it) and because I stopped at the Co-op to pick up my CSA bag, I also ran by their prepared entrees and got two Tai Tuna Burgers (a staple at the Happy Belly Deli in our Natural Foods Co-op). When they make more than they sell, they put them in the refrigerator case to buy and take home. The Deli closes before I get off work, so this is perfect! I've also found some delightful Macrobiotic meals already prepared and have enjoyed those, too, but there were none tonight.

My plan is to eat as much of the fresh food from the CSA as I can, freeze (and possibly can) what is more than I can handle, and of course share some with my daughter's family. I know the turnips will be going to her - my grandson loves them!

After dinner, I quickly froze the spinach, then made ice tea (the long way) and got everything in the kitchen ready for tomorrow, lunch packed, coffee ready to brew. And cleaned out the vegetable drawer in the refrigerator - It's going to get a bit more use this summer!

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