Thursday, May 14, 2009

One Local Summer 2009

Since I'm a member of my local CSA for the first time, eating locally is going to be so much easier this year! I've joined up with Farm to Philly and there'll be many more who do this across the country and even the world.

My plan is to get up in decent season every Saturday and head to the Farmer's Market for locally homemade bread and farm fresh eggs. Then I'll be posting every week with photos of my CSA 1/2 veggie and full herb share, as I'd originally planned, but I'm also still thinking about possibly trying to grow TWO (only two) grape tomatoes on my front porch. If I can find a couple of plants that are suitable, the urns on the front porch will do. A huge container garden is completely out of the question, though. We have too many lovely trees - and you know what? For all that I complain about that? It does cut down on the electric bill in the summer, and also in the winter, when all the leaves come off the trees and the sun can finally get through!

So it's all good.

If you want to join in? Just think about what you can do to eat local. Just one meal a week? Or all your salads? Can you pot up some herbs? Grow a tomato plant? Or maybe a whole garden? Just a planter box? Whatever...think about where your food comes from and try new ways to shorten the distance, feed yourself seasonally and from your nearby farms. Your contribution will not just make you healthier, it'll make the earth healthier. It will support local agriculture, something that's critical, especially in hard economic times. And just maybe, you'll save some money in the bargain!

Snag a copy of the blog button over there (or the others on Farm to Philly's site, I had a hard time deciding as the larger button is so pretty!) - and please save to your own server. Then post weekly and let everyone know how you're doing?

And while you're over there in the sidebar? Please note that I'm also doing the Ravelry Garden Along 2009? Norma started it all last year. I had to join up again. We Vermont grrls gotta stick together! It's in the blood...(okay, I'm a transplanted Vermont grrl...trans-"planted" - get it? wink To the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia from the Green Mountains of Vermont.

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