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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Just One Word and Then Some...

One Little Word.

I'm enthralled with this idea, and especially Rainy's post. In her shop she's offering charms to help keep the focus in the right place. Rainy is amazingly in tune with my thinking so often, it's almost scary, but I am totally enamored of the idea of One Word. I'm in the process of thinking through what my word will be and am about there. I'll share when I've placed my order with Rainy (which will then make it official!).

Then in my surfing along through my Google Reader, I discovered this fascinating article from Marc & Angel to start doing for oneself. Great piece, so full of helpful, thought provoking things to do...

And of course, all of this is because resolutions don't usually work. I've long been one to make "plans." And try to follow through with them. But you know what? That's not a lot more successful than making resolutions is for me...still I really do like this discussion of "resolutions" that might work:
Just two little things. I can handle these.

One more terrific thing I found and plan to use:
2012 Declutter Calendar from My Simple Life. This really IS a smart calendar, as it gives you one thing to do each day to make your life less messy and overwhelming. Love the idea, and hope I can stick to it, but you know what? Any day I accomplish something will be one day better than I managed last year!

Okay. One word (which will encompass many things, I can share that much), a De-cluttering Calendar that will have me accomplishing one thing per day towards making my life simpler, neater, more minimal, and 30 things to start doing for me, along with two (fairly fail safe) old fashioned resolutions! Wow...I'm tired already.

Happy New Year! I somehow like 2012 better than 2011...easier to say, let's hope it's better in many many ways!

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Carrie K said...

Here's to a fabulous new year for us! I did the one word last year and liked its touchstone aspect, although this year I chose the word more by chance.

De-cluttering sounds like an excellent new year principle. Looking forward to finding out what your One Word is!