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Monday, December 13, 2010


Action. When it comes to aspirations, its not about ideas. It's
about making ideas happen. What's your next step?

I was visiting my friends' blogs this morning, after receiving today's Reverb10 challenge question, and came upon Margene's thoughts on minimalism and what it means to her. Considering my own inclination to live with less, I thought her guidelines were especially helpful.

Having lived a long time with the philosophy of Voluntary Simplicity and the concept of defining for myself what "enough" is, yet still suffering the angst of too much clutter, I thought, "this is my next step" in making my ideas happen.

I'd already considered the possibility of gifting special family items to the next generation this Christmas, and since our holiday will be celebrated together after the New Year, I think I'll spend the days I have off over Christmas doing just that...culling special things, writing a note about their family importance for each one, and wrapping for gifting.

It's a big step for I have long felt that the things I inherited from my mother were so connected to my memories of her that I couldn't bear to part with them, keeping even some of the "cabinet pieces" (which, for the uninformed, means they're are much less than perfect, but have a "good" side you can show off in a cabinet where the "bad" side won't show!) that don't have much value other than sentimental.

But I am tired of the clutter, the stuff, the minutiae of my world. I'm ready for less!

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Carrie#K said...

Sometimes less is more.